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I can hardly remember a time when TLC programming provided educational value. For instance, Extreme Cheapskates and Extreme Couponers are two shows purportedly about frugality, but both seem to encourage mindless consumption. I can’t imagine why anyone would spend hours clipping coupons to amass 500 bottles of mayonnaise, or subjecting their loved ones to turmoil and/or embarrassment to save a few dollars.

I am, what I like to call, accidentally frugal. As an introvert, I highly value the alone time I spend reading, writing or napping. I enjoy spending quality time with family, my fiancĂ©, or a few close friends. I pack my lunch daily, as it allows me to control my caloric intake and keeps me away from unhealthy fast food places. I rarely drink, despise crowds and abhor malls. I don’t even have to worry about the latte factor, as I start each day with a Bulletproof coffee. I also prefer to do my own makeup / hair / nails if at all possible. On the rare occasion that I’ve gone to a salon, I’ve either had a rushed manicurist cut me or a forgetful hairstylist leave bleach on my hair much longer than necessary. Anytime I’ve had makeup applied professionally I’d felt I’d been shot in the face with a makeup gun.


Homer and his make-up gun

Mind you, I do have a couple of vices. Travel and eating out would top the list. In fact, I’ve likely spent in excess of 6 figures on these since graduating university. My main goal now is to control my expenditure on restaurants and unnecessary travel so I can save more whilst working less. Time is the most precious asset any of us have. It hardly seems worth it to keep trading it for something as frivolous as money.


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