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Female Managers

I’m of two minds when it comes to female managers. The liberal feminist part of my brain wants to believe that women must serve as each another’s allies and confidants to navigate a workplace hierarchy still dominated by men. Unfortunately, my personal experience working with female managers has been overwhelmingly negative and left me yearning for previous male managers who did not micromanage and terrorize. 

My experience with female managers left me feeling miserable and stressed out. I lost an excessive amount of weight and looked almost palliative. I spent 6 months swimming in cortisol in a work environment overwrought with managerial histrionics and leaving was the best thing I’d ever done for my emotional and physical health. I then decided to practice locum pharmacy in an attempt to escape workplace politics and focus on patient care. My female regional manager then attempted to coerce me into accepting a pay cut to work for another “rough around the edges” female manager (her words, not mine).  When I respectfully declined, she told me that there were no locum hours for all of March. Luckily, I have a financial safety net that allows me to decline work that compromises my well-being and thus, not working for a month >>> being miserable to earn money. 
Despite this, I am confident that my anecdotal experience does not apply to all female managers. Perhaps my personal experience was just an example of a management structure in need of improvement.  Certainly, both genders are capable of being good managers who encourage and inspire, keep an open dialogue and recognize error as systemic shortcomings and learning opportunities. I suppose I’ll know it when I see it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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