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March Break Musing

My attempt to reduce my working hours was derailed this past week since it was March Break. I assume that pharmacists with kids had requested time up and I ended up logging 63(!) hours as a result. In honor of March Break, here are some thoughts on the impact kids have on your financial health courtesy of Elizabeth Warren’s, The Two Income Trap:


Children: Highway to Poverty

This flies in the the face of the oft quoted narrative that frivolous spending is hurting middle class. Turns out that middle class families are scrambling to provide the basic necessities, even as they’ve gained an extra full-time income and reduced spending on non-essentials. spending

I’m sure that in many cases, the income boost of having a second worker is more than offset by the need for a second car, childcare and increased taxes owing.  So perhaps, if more families did the math, they’d realize that they can afford to have one parent stay home all of the time.  Mind you, if that meant I had to work 63 hours every week, I hope they never figure it out =P



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