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Laziness & To Do Lists

My last post referenced the firing of my previous pharmacy manager. Since then, I’ve become acquainted with our new pharmacy manager and taken quite a shine to her foreign and novel ways.  I often observe her with wonder and awe as she scurries around, working ardently on her days off, composing verbose emails at 3 am, and maintaining a social schedule better suited for a sorority in the US sunbelt. Given her seemingly unending level of energy, I’d assumed she was much younger than me.  She strikes me as the type of person who responds immediately to both texts and emails, never putting off until tomorrow what is better done today.  Meanwhile, I often add needy texters / emailers to my spam list, so an afternoon spent lost in a good novel or in a bubble bath is not interrupted with unnecessary notifications.

Learning we are the same age, made me temporarily doubt my life ambitions (or lack thereof).  Perhaps my lack of an internal cattle prod will ultimately result in demotion and eventually, termination followed by a slow decline into destitution, homelessness and insanity. Despite this, I’m still more likely to yearn for a Thoreau-esque cabin in the woods than a C-suite office.  I suppose the question comes down to whether you’d rather be productive or happy.  And for me, the two tend to be mutually exclusive.
In fact, my Summer To Do List does not include a single work related goal.  Fortunately, I like it that way =)
1) Build some muscle
2) Take a road trip
3) Try canoeing
4) Go to Bermuda
5) Be blonde for the summer
6) Grow orchids
7) Take a Mediterranean cruise
8) Read Pulitzer Prize winning book
9) Read Nobel prize winning author
10) Spend lots of time with family & fiance

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