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Vacation Time

I spent a week observing Americans. While on a 7-day Celebrity cruise to Bermuda with my family, I was presented with ample opportunity to observe our neighbors to the south in their natural habitat. I almost felt like Jane Gooddall. And given the proclivity of cruise lines to nickel and dime for each add on, I was almost tempted to pay extra for all of the case studies. Where else could I openly observe the ramifications of a lifetime of indulgence and immediate gratification? I saw it firsthand, and it wasn’t pretty.

From the relatively superfluous (their diets, level of sun exposure and entertainment options) to the life altering (their choice of spouse, number of children and career aspirations), it seems that short term happiness takes precedence, to the detriment of longterm success.  The scary part of this is, if you are making such horrible choices when the outcome is readily visible in public (being overweight with sun damaged skin covered in tattoos) imagine how terrible your non-visible life choices are. I shudder to think how much credit card debt or liver damage these people have.



Conversely, if you think I look good, you should see my credit score!

So here’s a shortlist of what I learned on vacation:
-tattoos advertise an inability to make intelligent life choices
-segways are an acceptable mode of transportation in the Bermuda maritime museum
-sunbathing: not even once

In attempt to not allow myself to become too Americanized, I’ve started a dietary detox and amped up my reading list. I’m also hoping to travel a lot more in the next few months.


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