Love and spring are in the air

So I’ve found someone perfect.  A kindred spirit, of sorts.  You know how sometimes you meet someone, and you just know you’ll like them? That’s him.  He’s goodlooking and smart obviously.  But he’s also kind.  He has a loving nature that makes you want to open up to him.  And he treats every single person he meets with respect.  And he does the right thing, even when it’s easier not to.  He opens car doors and pays for more than his fair share.  He eschews gender norms.  He cooks for us and listens when I give him investment advice.  And he listens with such intent that he makes me feel like my opinions are valuable.  I love sharing from my realm of knowledge and gauging from his.  But more than anything else, it’s just easy.  That’s the best way to know that a relationship will work: it’ll just be easy.

The progression of our relationship has felt natural and fluid.  I’m not thinking about hitting relationship markers at a certain pace.  My weekends are pre-planned because I just want to spend time with him.  Our time together is amazing and our time apart is made sweeter simply by knowing that he exists.  We don’t fight or bicker.  We quip and banter but when something is done, it’s done.  There’s no residual resentment or hostility.  I’ve never been mad at him and I can’t fathom why I ever would be.  I’d always chalked up failed relationships and my spinster status to my own shortcomings.  But really, it had been them.  They just weren’t Rob.  It’s funny how all the defense mechanisms and false roadblocks fall away when you find the right person.